Ultra High Molecular Weight Film Information









What is UHMW?

One of the toughest polyethylene classifications available is the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). This type of polyethylene has a molecular weight number in the millions, which gives it its characteristic high degree of entanglement. Due to this attribute, mobility of UHMW chains is limited making fusion during synthesis defective and almost impossible.


How is UHMW Film Made?

The production of UHMW is similar to that of ceramic . UHMW can be produced from compression molding or ram extrusion. Skiving is then done with the use of a very sharp blade to peel off films from a rotating UHMW rod.


UHMW Film Applications:

UHMW films are widely used due to its durability. It has superb impact, wear, and abrasion resistance. It also has high resistance to chemicals, corrosion and radiation . Because of this, it is used in armor manufacture. Still, UHMW films are mainly used due to its exceptionally low coefficient of friction and self-lubricating ability . UHMW are commonly used for linings and coatings for equipment that require sliding surfaces. Along with its biological stability and compatibility, UHMW is developed for knee and cardiovascular implant uses. Another special property of UHMW is its porosity which promotes air and moisture permeability without water absorption. One disadvantage of using UHMW is that it has poor stability under high temperatures.

Today, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene films are available in retail quantity. Films with an adhesive side and paper liner are offered in rolled strips. UHMW, aside from rods and films, are also available in fiber form.


Where Can I Purchase UHMW Film?

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